Ready for a resurgence: A cardio-protective remedy of old.

One of the most widely researched plant remedies comes from an African climbing plant and is a most formidable remedy for heart disease and vascular disorders [1, 2, 3]. This gem has been largely removed from the annals of conventional medicine and has almost been forgotten. However, the need of the current times may callContinue reading “Ready for a resurgence: A cardio-protective remedy of old.”

A remedy for the emotional heart – Rose quartz

Rose quartz, has always been associated with the theme of love, in one way or another. It has even been referred to as the stone of universal love, and has been likened to a symbol of beauty, gentility and peace, to harmony and balance, the heart and healing. It is a stone said to balanceContinue reading “A remedy for the emotional heart – Rose quartz”

A homeopathic remedy for arterial and venous congestion?

Mucor racemosus is a remedy with a symptom picture that potentially recommends it for arterial and venous congestion…This short description is from CLEVER H. the homeopathic online journal. You can read the full Winter 2023 issue here: #homeopathy #cleverh #hwc