Beating the stammer with a little help from Homeopathy

Stuttering is a disorder of speech fluency. Also known as stammering it is a disruption of the natural flow of speech characterized by a struggle to vocalize a word, pronounce a syllable or start a sentence. This disorder may be more pronounced where an individual is required to speak in public, where anxiety or stage-frightContinue reading “Beating the stammer with a little help from Homeopathy”

Examples of some remedies for PTSD with excerpts of their symptom pictures

The symptom complex of PTSD, post-traumatic-stress disorder, exhibits a specific and individualized symptomatology. Homeopathy has a number of remedies at its disposal, with which this particular symptom complex and its individual expression can be treated. Some of the remedies that may be useful in treating PTSD are listed below. Absinthium: The patient needing this remedyContinue reading “Examples of some remedies for PTSD with excerpts of their symptom pictures”

‘Traumeel’ – for the treatment of sports-injuries

Traumeel is a homeopathic complex preparation indicated for use in the treatment of trauma and injuries contracted in the process of physical activity [1]. It matches, in a broader sense, the symptomatology that may result from the conduction sports. Traumeel is one of the most extensively researched homeopathic formula [2]. Trials and studies investigating theContinue reading “‘Traumeel’ – for the treatment of sports-injuries”