Dr. Cathy May Lemmon

Cathy May Lemmon

Homeopath, Founder, Director/President


Dr. Cathy May Lemmon, PhD Hom, LCPH, BA, is a homeopath and founder and director/president of Homeoprophylaxis: A Worldwide Choice for Disease Prevention (HPWWC).

She specializes in the use of the nontoxic immunisation option known as homeoprophylaxis as well as the homeopathic treatment of vaccine damage. She provides complete training in homeoprophylaxis for healthcare practitioners. She also helps the private citizen with the use of homeoprophylaxis.

Through the professional training she offers, practitioners are able to offer homeoprophylaxis to their patients/clients and be affiliated with HPWWC for support as needed.

Seeing a rising demand for this nontoxic and highly effective immunization option, Dr. Lemmon founded Homeoprophylaxis: A Worldwide Choice for Disease Prevention (HPWWC) in 2015. Through this nonprofit organization, she has put together international conferences, which have taken place in the US, Europe, and India – and outreach has been made to homeopathic and medical professionals, lawmakers, and governmental persons, as well as laypeople worldwide.

Dr. Lemmon has a busy homeopathic practise, having been able to successfully work with and resolve many issues chronic and acute. She also teaches and lectures on homeopathy and homeoprophylaxis, being is invited to speak locally and internationally through live seminars and webinars. Her presentations reach homeopathic and other healthcare professionals and students as well as private citizens.

She completed her homeopathic studies through schools in Spain (Bircham International University) and the UK (the School of Homeopathy and the College of Practical Homeopathy). She has also completed specialized training in Germany and the Netherlands.

Dr. Lemmon has articles in many international magazines, including HPathy, Homeopathic Links, Dynamis, and Surya. She is also a member of the Texas Society of Homeopathy, the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (UK), and the North American Society of Homeopathy (NASH).

She specializes in the use of the nontoxic immunisation option known as homeoprophylaxis as well as the homeopathic treatment of vaccine damage.

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Homeoprophylaxis – and Homeopathy – Getting Going Homeopathic Prophylaxis – Knowing Full Health and Prevention Through Homeopathy

In this, my introductory podcast, I, Dr. Cathy May Lemmon, introduce you to what has been my passion within homeopathy – its prophylactic use. However, with this, I felt, must also come an understanding not only of who I am, but of what homeopathy and the homeopathic approach and understanding of things are. As humanity is embarking into a vast "new beginning" with special concerns and focus on their individual health and how conventional – or orthodox – medicine has, in many ways, seemed to have lost site of this, it is time for a re-awakening of humanity to the wonderful, powerful, yet gentle medicine of homeopathy. Often misunderstood as simply another word for "natural medicine" or herbs or even essential oils, it is time for humanity to understand that homeopathy, in and of itself, is a complete medical care approach. We, in homeopathic medicine, are not surgeons or medical doctors – and I will freely say there is a place for nearly every medical care approach. But the time is now that homeopathic medicine become understood once again for the powerful medicine it has always been. So this podcast is here to simply get the wheels rolling for what all I desire to share. The fundamental focus will be homeopathic prophylaxis and how this immunization option – which has been in use for more than 200 years – is about 90% effective. I will be sharing how healthcare practitioners themselves can get training in the use of this, how the private citizen can access homeopaths and other healthcare practitioners so they can utilize it themselves. I will also share the homeopathic understanding of illness and its necessity to full health – as well as the homeopathic understanding of health. I look forward to sharing a lot with you, to probably also speaking with/interviewing others as well. There is much to share as humanity is awakening to what "full health" truly means – and how homeopathy has always been there to preserve, promote, restore, and protect this.