Just like a seedling that turns into a tree after forest fires have ravaged the land…you too can thrive.

This image depicts visually what a homeopathic treatment can do for you. Much like the pine treeling growing on a burnt corkoak tree stump, a treatment with Homeopathy can assist the recovery from illness. Homeopathy treats the individual, not the disease label, and I am here to assist you with your recovery from mental and emotional traumata and associated or concomitant complaints.

What is Homeopathy?

A concise description of the basic principles of Homeopathy

Why Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a gentle aid to good health!

Homeopathy is a form of medicinal treatment that aims at treating the entire person, holistically, and not just the disease.

Whether the illness is on a physical, mental or emotional level, homeopathy seeks to restore the entire organism to harmony. A carefully selected remedy is used to stimulate the body`s own healing forces, to remove imbalance and to improve the patients state of health… [continue reading]

The time spent with me in the consultation
is yours

I will do my very best to analyze your presenting health issue. I will take your case-history in order to extrapolate from it the information necessary for me to appropriately select a matching prescription for you.

A remedy selected as such will then instigate a healing response in the body and will eventually promote your recovery from illness! Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have questions and would like me to help you onto and along the path to recovery!

CareClin is an online homeopathic clinic. I am available to patients across the globe via VoIP systems such as meet, zoom, or skype.

The homeopathic consultation

Accepting that there is a connection between body and mind, facilitates a reinstatement of holistic well-being to an individual that has become ill. Homeopathy is a form of medical treatment that aims at treating the entire person, holistically, and not just the disease. It addresses all levels of the individual to promote healing and to aid a patient back to recovery… [continue reading]

What complaints can be treated at CareClin?

If you are unwell, feel overwhelmed, irritable or are prone to negative thinking I can help you. If you are anxious, fearful or melancholic I can assist you, and if you are tormented by sleeplessness, nightmares, flashbacks or other events resulting from traumatic experiences then I can support you on your path to recovery.

If you are my patient, I will also support you for acute complaints. For that cough or sniffle, that over-indulgence or weather complaint. I am there for you even for the little things.

More information about the homeopathic consultation and fees

Have you been exposed to traumatic events?

If you have suffered of domestic trauma …
… are in a state of melancholy and feels lost..
… or have returned from combat and now suffer of PTSD or CPTSD …

…then we at CareClin can help you to manage and recover.

CareClin is an homeopathic online clinic. We are available to patients across the globe via VoIP systems such as meet, zoom, or skype.

CareClin is a specialty clinic with a focus on the treatment of PTSD & CPTSD, related syndromes and concommitant symptomatologies. We propagate homeopathic treatment for sufferers of PTSD and provide individualized, patient-centred therapeutic relationships that focus on the patient and his or her recovery.

Homeopathy has, to date, found little consideration for the treatment of PTSD. However, states of anxiety, depression, panic, experiences after trauma, fear, irritability, sleeplessness, and mental and physical distress have long found relief by homeopathic treatment. This ‘gentle’ therapeutic approach can play a major role in providing an effective treatment for the symptoms of PTSD.

Homeopathy is holistic. It focuses on treating the patient on all levels of his or her being, the mental, physical and emotional. Taking the totality of a patient, the individual as a whole, into consideration, does not just palliate symptoms, but paves the path for a true recovery.

At CareClin we are all about a ‘Gentle treatment for PTSD‘, and if you would like to learn more about how homeopathy can help you in your recovery from PTSD you can read up on some of our insights here.

About me

I am the CEO of Clever H.-the Mag! and I blog at Clever Homeopathy

I am part of the fabulous team at HWC, the Homeopathy World Community. I function as the COO on the board.

You can find me at: https://www.facebook.com/specialtyhomeopathyclinic

My name is Uta Mittelstadt.

I have a BSc and an MSc in homeopathic medicine from the University of Central Lancashire/UK. 

I am passionate about homeopathy, and about assisting others at their journey to recovery.

I know that Homeopathy can positively influence and resolve diseases and disorders, and I have been educated to help others to achieve this resolution. In my point of view a patient should receive as much complementary, gentle care as is possible, and as much conventional aid as is necessary.

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