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Homeopathy is a ‘tool’ that is used to support the holistic recovery to health for any individual that has become ill. Homeopathy is aimed at treating the entire person, and not just the disease. It addresses all levels of the individual to promote healing and to aid a patient back to recovery. We, as practitioners, are the facilitators of the conditions needed to bring about this support. We create and hold this therapeutic space for you. We listen to your experiences with your complaint, and select the best matching remedy that will spark the self-healing forces within you to bring about recovery from your suffering.

**Homeopathy is a gentle and safe treatment for all the family!**

Treatment at CareClin?

The time spent in the consultation
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Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have questions and would like us to help you onto and along your path to recovery!

CareClin is an online homeopathic clinic. We are available to patients across the globe via VoIP systems such as meet, zoom, jitsi or skype.

What we treat:

We treat all age groups and all complaints.

We are specialized in treating mental/emotional imbalances, trauma and related complaints. We assist at the recovery from immunization damage, and support the management and maintenance of the healthy heart.

“I would like to thank Uta and at the same time want to recommend her as an excellent homeopath.”


The homeopathic consultation

Homeopathy is a form of medical treatment that aims at treating the entire person, holistically, and not just the disease. It addresses all levels of the individual to promote healing and to aid a patient back to recovery… [continue reading]

Our practitioners:

Uta Mittelstadt, BSc, MSc

Uta Mittelstadt is a homeopath who is passionate about homeopathy, and about assisting others at their journey to recovery. She grew up with homeopathy and has used and studied homeopathy for over 25 years. She specializes in the treatment of mental/emotional trauma, cross-generational trauma, PTSD, Gastro-cardia, and Heart & Circulatory complaints.

Dr.Cathy May Lemmon, PhD Hom, LCPH, BA

Dr. Cathy May Lemmon, is a homeopath and founder and director/president of Homeoprophylaxis: A Worldwide Choice for Disease Prevention (HPWWC). She specializes in the use of the nontoxic immunisation option known as homeoprophylaxis as well as the homeopathic treatment of immunization damage.

Homeopathy for your family’s health & wellness!

Homeoprophylaxis – and Homeopathy – Getting Going Homeopathic Prophylaxis – Knowing Full Health and Prevention Through Homeopathy

In this, my introductory podcast, I, Dr. Cathy May Lemmon, introduce you to what has been my passion within homeopathy – its prophylactic use. However, with this, I felt, must also come an understanding not only of who I am, but of what homeopathy and the homeopathic approach and understanding of things are. As humanity is embarking into a vast "new beginning" with special concerns and focus on their individual health and how conventional – or orthodox – medicine has, in many ways, seemed to have lost site of this, it is time for a re-awakening of humanity to the wonderful, powerful, yet gentle medicine of homeopathy. Often misunderstood as simply another word for "natural medicine" or herbs or even essential oils, it is time for humanity to understand that homeopathy, in and of itself, is a complete medical care approach. We, in homeopathic medicine, are not surgeons or medical doctors – and I will freely say there is a place for nearly every medical care approach. But the time is now that homeopathic medicine become understood once again for the powerful medicine it has always been. So this podcast is here to simply get the wheels rolling for what all I desire to share. The fundamental focus will be homeopathic prophylaxis and how this immunization option – which has been in use for more than 200 years – is about 90% effective. I will be sharing how healthcare practitioners themselves can get training in the use of this, how the private citizen can access homeopaths and other healthcare practitioners so they can utilize it themselves. I will also share the homeopathic understanding of illness and its necessity to full health – as well as the homeopathic understanding of health. I look forward to sharing a lot with you, to probably also speaking with/interviewing others as well. There is much to share as humanity is awakening to what "full health" truly means – and how homeopathy has always been there to preserve, promote, restore, and protect this.

Why Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a gentle aid to good health!

Homeopathy is a form of medicinal treatment that aims at treating the entire person, holistically, and not just the disease.

Whether the illness is on a physical, mental or emotional level, homeopathy seeks to restore the entire organism to harmony. A carefully selected remedy is used to stimulate the body`s own healing forces, to remove imbalance and to improve the patients state of health… [continue reading]

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