Uta Mittelstadt BSc, MSc

Uta Mittelstadt

Homeopath, Health coach, Attentive Listener


My name is Uta, I am a homeopath. I have a BSc and an MSc in homeopathic medicine from the University of Central Lancashire, U.K., and am passionate about homeopathy, and about assisting others at their journey to recovery. I have grown up with homeopathy and have used and studied homeopathy for over 25 years.

I know that Homeopathy can positively influence and resolve health issues, sickness, diseases and disorders, and I have been educated  to help others to achieve this resolution.

I chose to become a homeopath because I believe in a gentler, non-invasive approach to healing, that has as little as possible side-effects, is agreeable with the patient in his or her weakened, ill state, and is in its cure holistic, that is, takes into consideration the patient in his or her totality.

I do not oppose conventional medicine, it has brought much advancement, but I propagate an integrative approach to sick care where conventional and alternative therapies complement each other. In my point of view a patient should receive as much complementary, gentle care as is possible, and as much conventional aid as is necessary.

Here at CareClin, I will do my best to analyze your presenting health issue. I will take your case-history in order to extrapolate from it the information necessary for me to appropriately select a prescription for you. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if there is any health related issue that you would like me to help you with!

I have specialized in the treatment of mental/emotional trauma, cross-generational trauma, PTSD, Gastro-cardia, and Heart & Circulatory complaints.

I speak English, German, Portuguese & French


The handling of the consultation was extremely careful, empathetic, characterized by competence and broad knowledge.

Uta is the founder and editor-in-chief of ‘CIever H.-the Mag!‘ and former COO at ‘Homeopathy WorId Community

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1st Consultation: (60 – 90 min)130 Euros
Follow up Consultation: (up to 60 min)90 Euros
Acute: (20 – 30 min)55 Euros
Acute: (for existing patients)35 Euros
Children (up to 14 years) 1st Consultation90 Euros
Children Follow up Consultation60 Euros

Realizing that my physical ailments stem from unresolved conflicts, from earliest childhood was like a revelation to me. It is now possible for me to look at many things differently, in a new way and to resolve and heal with the support of appropriate homeopathic remedies


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