A remedy for the emotional heart – Rose quartz

Rose quartz, has always been associated with the theme of love, in one way or another. It has even been referred to as the stone of universal love, and has been likened to a symbol of beauty, gentility and peace, to harmony and balance, the heart and healing.

It is a stone said to balance the heart chakra, to open the heart to giving and receiving unconditional love, and to connect with and extend self-love.

Kindness, compassion and empathy are keywords, and someone ‘in-tune’ with Rose quartz is gentle, emotionally balanced, calm, strongly inclined towards positivity, and exudes a subtle loving and healing energy.

As a homeopathic remedy, Rose quartz is a healer of the emotional heart. All types of heartache from emotional trauma, unrequited love, disappointment, separation or loss, respond very well to Rose Quartz. It is a remedy for grief where, for example, the love to a married person, is not answered. There is a strong feeling of responsibility towards loved ones lying on the shoulders of people needing this remedy. It is also a remedy indicated where there is an unhealthy addiction to a love relationship, and it is helpful in releasing the trauma from sexual abuse.

It’s need can also bee seen where children, who suffer from parental conflict in the home, want to please and appease both their mother and father in, for example, a family where a divorce is looming. These children are stressed and in a constant state of anxiety.

Rose Quartz purifies and harmonizes, and promotes self-love and inner healing.

A true remedy of and for love.