A homeopathic remedy for arterial and venous congestion?

Mucor racemosus is a remedy with a symptom picture that potentially recommends it for arterial and venous congestion…This short description is from CLEVER H. the homeopathic online journal. You can read the full Winter 2023 issue here: https://homeopathyworldcommunity.com/clever-h-the-flip-page-journal-at-hwc/ #homeopathy #cleverh #hwc

Gentle recommendations for heart and circulatory health

In order to maintain a healthy heart and blood circulation it is not wrong to occasionally take supportive measures. Sufficient movement in fresh air, moderate exercise, such as walking or swimming, or hot / cold alternating baths, are true restorers and preservers of a healthy heart and blood circulation. Proper hydration and healthy eating doContinue reading “Gentle recommendations for heart and circulatory health”