Mood-swings and the Pause

Menopause, whether at the peri-, mid- or post- stage, is not only a change occurring to the hormonal household or the physical body, it also impacts and has an altering effect on the emotions of women transitioning.

The disequilibrium of hormones, the fluctuation between dominance and deficiency, can cause upheaval and havoc resulting in mood swings and not seldom in extremes that can mount to depression or melancholy.

Homeopathic remedies have potential to, not only ease the effects from the change on a physical level, but can also moderate the emotions and harmonize the mood.

The table below highlights a number of homeopathic remedies that can be used to restore the equilibrium in mind and emotion.

Argentum nitricumGreat agitation, nervous excitement & fear. Hysteria. Melancholy, apprehensive of serious disease. Impulsive.
Arsenicum albumWorried, irritable, restless, anxious. Fear, preoccupied with disease and death. Compulsive, perfectionist.
Aurum metallicumBad tempered, deeply depressive, melancholic. Lacks self-confidence. Anxious.
BelladonnaEasily excited, sensitive. Restless. Changeable, disinclined to talk. Desires to escape.
Calcium carbonicumGreat anxiety, stressed, overworked. Mentally run down. Great weakness. Low spirited.
Cimicifuga racemosaSensation of carrying the ‘head in the clouds’. Fears impending evil. Agitated. Depressed, excitable.
GraphitesSadness, melancholy, hopelessness and indecision are marked.
IgnatiaDepression and fluctuations of mood with weeping and deep sadness are characteristic. Hyper-sensitive. Nervous. Wants to be left alone, does not want to engage with others. Mood changes suddenly from happiness to sadness. Sighing. Irritable.
LachesisDepression with aversion to socialising, wants to run away from the rest of the world. Suspicious, jealous, irritable. Bad tempered. Aversion to daily routine. Anxiety.
LycopodiumLack of motivation, low stamina, depression. Fear of failure. Unwilling to engage in activities. Easily discouraged.
MancinellaExtreme sadness, changeability of mood. Is very still and silent.
Natrium muriaticumBottles up her feelings, explodes after slight provocation. Cannot forgive. Self-blaming, dwells on past hurts, cannot forgive. Depressive, weeps easily.
Nux vomicaTired out by the menopause, over-born. Angry, competitive, irritable. Over-sensitive.
Platinum metallicumDepressive, unable to express emotions. Chagrin, wounded pride.
PhosphorusFearful, anxious, lack of self-confidence, fear of crowds.
PulsatillaSudden changes of mood, easily weeps. Emotionally unstable. Consolation ameliorates.
SepiaChangeable temperament, irritability, lack of affection for her family, indifference, sadness with no desire of distraction. Depressed. Frequently complaining. Aversion to work.
SulphurExplosions of passion, either energetic or lacking vitality.


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