Concussion – a potential sports-injury

Concussion can occur in the process of many physical activities, whether they are conducted for leisure or for a wage, whether an amateur or a pro. A concussion is a traumatic injury to the brain caused by a sudden acceleration, rotation or shaking of the head. This causes a forward and backward motion of theContinue reading “Concussion – a potential sports-injury”

Arnica – a homeopathic remedy for sports-injuries

One major remedy for the effects of sports-injuries or such afflictions caused by physical activity, external, or mechanical impact is Arnica. Trauma, bruises, or strains caused by heavy lifting, falling, or shock; concussion, contusion, sprains, or dislocation belong to this group. Hematoma, haemorrhage and wound healing, over-exertion and delayed-onset-muscle-soreness are also indicated symptoms, and ArnicaContinue reading “Arnica – a homeopathic remedy for sports-injuries”