Homeopathy for Anorexia nervosa

What is Anorexia nervosa? It is an eating disorder which compels sufferers to restrict their intake of nutrition extremely. It is rated a psychological disorder. Sufferers frequently have a distorted body image and aim to keep their body weight as low as possible. They seek to reduce their caloric intake by minimizing their food consumption,Continue reading “Homeopathy for Anorexia nervosa”

Beating the stammer with a little help from Homeopathy

Stuttering is a disorder of speech fluency. Also known as stammering it is a disruption of the natural flow of speech characterized by a struggle to vocalize a word, pronounce a syllable or start a sentence. This disorder may be more pronounced where an individual is required to speak in public, where anxiety or stage-frightContinue reading “Beating the stammer with a little help from Homeopathy”

Blepharitis – there is homeopathy for that!

Blepharitis is an inflammatory condition of the eyelids, or the margins of the eyelids. Blepharitis is frequently recurrent, and can affect the outer or the inner eyelid. If located at the anterior side of the eyelid, bacteria nestled between the eyelashes, or dandruff of the scalp, are the cause of the characteristic inflammation. If locatedContinue reading “Blepharitis – there is homeopathy for that!”

Mosquito and other stings – Homeopathy to the rescue

Most of us undoubtedly know what its like to have been robbed of a nights sleep by the incessant attacks of Mosquitoes. Not only do the little bloodsuckers keep coming back, announcing their approach with the so distinctive buzzing sound, but the stings itch, and itch, and itch, and … Mosquito bites can really beContinue reading “Mosquito and other stings – Homeopathy to the rescue”