Contusion – a common sports-injury

One of the injuries most frequently acquired during sports is a contusion, so to speak bruising to the muscular tissue. While most such bruising is of little concern and will quickly resolve on by itself, more severe contusion that involves deeper lying tissue, may be a complication to athletes, causing them to have to refrainContinue reading “Contusion – a common sports-injury”

Concussion – a potential sports-injury

Concussion can occur in the process of many physical activities, whether they are conducted for leisure or for a wage, whether an amateur or a pro. A concussion is a traumatic injury to the brain caused by a sudden acceleration, rotation or shaking of the head. This causes a forward and backward motion of theContinue reading “Concussion – a potential sports-injury”

‘Tennis-elbow’ – a repetitive strain injury

The Tennis Elbow refers to an overuse injury, a repetitive straining of the muscles that attach to the bones of the arm at height of the elbow. Biologically this injury is termed lateral epicondylitis. The so called Golfer´s Elbow, is similar to the Tennis Elbow, however affects the inner area of the elbow joint, whileContinue reading “‘Tennis-elbow’ – a repetitive strain injury”

Homeopathy for Anorexia nervosa

What is Anorexia nervosa? It is an eating disorder which compels sufferers to restrict their intake of nutrition extremely. It is rated a psychological disorder. Sufferers frequently have a distorted body image and aim to keep their body weight as low as possible. They seek to reduce their caloric intake by minimizing their food consumption,Continue reading “Homeopathy for Anorexia nervosa”