Slowager – the new program for a happier, healthier you.

Age, in our modern society, has been labeled a disease. This is a most remarkable marketing stunt that has given rise to a specialized health and cosmetic industry. The natural evolution of life has been deemed a state needing treatment, correction and optimization. Human values of physical beauty, work ability and societal acceptability have been stigmatized negatively, and have as such instigated an inherent race against time; the time that is the normal progression of life.

This race against the natural cycle of life is one we are all subjected to, and there is no one that can win this race. NO ONE can NOT age, and the extensive and expensive industry tempting us to buy interventions, procedures, creams, lotions, tablets, potions and supplements, is fiercely coercing us to strive to ‘anti-age’. But ‘anti-aging’ does not exist.

NO ONE can NOT age; but one can ‘slow-age’.

Slowager is a coaching, treatment and support program that gives you access to your personalized, holistic ‘Slowager’ support plan created specifically for you, to match your needs and requirements. You will receive exclusive professional guidance, applicable ‘slow-aging’ information for your daily habits and routines, and tried and tested tips and tricks to be come a healthier and happier you.

Slowager is a holistic concept aimed at slowing the visual and perceived aging process without invasive treatments, or compromising or manipulating your living habits. It teaches easy to follow life-style tweaks on how to lead a healthier, happier life, while living life to the fullest, and aging slower.

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