Homeopathy for PTSD? Really? The ‘Totality’ is key!

Homeopathy has to date been little investigated for its efficacy in the treatment of PTSD. However, states of anxiety, depression, panic, trauma, fear, irritability, sleeplessness, and mental and physical distress have long found relief by homeopathic treatment. 

Homeopathy is a medicinal treatment considered as complimentary to conventional medicine. It is tailored to treating the individual in all of his or her entirety, holistically, and not just a disease or its label.

Homeopathy treats the patient on all levels, the spiritual, the mental/emotional and the physical plane; on specifically those planes on which the symptoms of PTSD are manifest and expressive.

Homeopathy is considered a ‘gentle’ treatment approach as it’s remedies are produced by diluting and rhythmically shaking them at various stages of the production process. This renders their action gentle and increases their strength. Homeopathy is considered devoid of side effects and adverse reactions.

In the homeopathic consultation the patient is given the space for him or her to fully express how he or she feels, and how he or she experiences the symptoms of his or her complaint. The aim is to provide a comfort zone within which the practitioner is able to identify from the patients narrative and explanations, the remedy which best fits the presenting state of the patient.

Particularly within the symptom complex of ‘Post-traumatic Stress Disorder’, there is a ‘mind – body’ connection. It is not infrequent that sufferers of PTSD develop comorbid complaints to their diagnosis of PTSD, such as chronic physical pain, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal disorders and other health issues.

By considering the totality of the patient, taking into account the physical, mental and emotional presentation of complaints, Homeopathy can facilitate the reinstatement of well-being and the recovery of the individual as a whole. Homeopathy is one of the CAM therapies who´s action radius strongly recommends it for the treatment of PTSD.

Homeopathy is ‘gentle help’ for PTSD!