Glonoinum – an explosive drug for Angina Pectoris

Angina Pectoris – what is it? Angina Pectoris is a symptomatology that in 2009 affected an estimate of 30 000 to 40 000 people per 1 million of the European population [1], and approximately 9.8 million people in America, with tendency rising [2]. It is a syndrome that is characterized by precordial discomfort; pressure, squeezing,Continue reading “Glonoinum – an explosive drug for Angina Pectoris”

A false positive of heart diseases – the Roemheld syndrome

It has become evident in our modern times, that many of our lifestyle habits, in particular keeping up with our increasingly hectic society, are taking their toll on our health. Our work-life balance is skewed heavily towards stress and our nutritional preferences are dictated by the time available to cook and the income to spare.Continue reading “A false positive of heart diseases – the Roemheld syndrome”