The Slow-ager Program

At just 80 USD a month (480 USD for 6 months) you get access to the complete package to ‘slow-age’ at any age.

Forever Beautiful!

Be good to yourself .. you deserve it!

‘Slow-ager’ is a 6 month support and coaching program that will assist you at ageing slower and becoming a healthier, happier you!

The ‘Slow-ager’ program is designed to provide, easy to follow recommendations for a healthier, happier, and slower living and aging. This program does not use fancy or costly procedures or invasive interventions. It is a holistic concept aimed at slowing the visual and perceived aging process without compromising or manipulating your living habits.

Little lifestyle tweaks, natural and health oriented adjustments, complemented by homeopathic treatment will coach and assist you to feel, look and live healthier, happier and ‘slower’. ‘Slow’ the aging process, because ‘Anti-aging’ does not exist.

  • The ‘Slow-ager’ program includes an initial consultation (up to 2 hrs) whereby your ‘age’, related complaints, and age-promoting habits are determined; and where the ‘Slow-ager’ plan is developed.
  • In a follow-up consultation we will discuss your progress on the program and if or where adjustments may be needed.
  • The final consultation will be used to analyze progression and any further assistance you may want. Supervision beyond the scope of the 6 month program is possible, but is not included in the initial price.
  • During the 6 month program, you will also be receiving 2 to 3 mailings per month, with holistic tips and tricks to ‘slow-age’.
  • Furthermore included in the price is the access to the ‘Slow-ager’ community.


The ‘Slow-ager’ program gives you 6 months access to your personalized ‘Slow-ager’ treatment plan that is created specifically for you, according to your needs and requirements during 3 therapeutic sessions. You will receive exclusive professional support, applicable ‘slow-aging’ information for your daily habits and routines, and you will get access to the ‘Slow-ager’ community.


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