The consultation & Fees


Accepting that there is a connection between body and mind, facilitates a reinstatement of holistic well-being to an individual that has become ill. Homeopathy is a form of medical treatment that aims at treating the entire person, holistically, and not just the disease. It addresses all levels of the individual to promote healing and to aid a patient back to recovery.

The 1st consultation:

As only oneself knows exactly how one feels the time in the consultation is used to identify the root cause of the patients sickness. The focus is to identify the symptoms the sickness is making in the patient! During the 1st consultation, which can take between 1 to 2 hours, the patient has to describe exactly how he or she feels and what symptoms he or she is showing. From this information the practitioner will then extrapolate the symptom picture of the illness, and will use this information to identify the most appropriate prescription for the state expressed in the patient before him or her.

The carefully selected and administered remedy will then stimulate the body`s own healing forces, to remove sickness and imbalance, and to attain recovery to health.

Consultations are available via Jitsi/Skype/Zoom/Meet. These appointments are scheduled at suitable dates and times.

The follow-up consultations:

Following the prescription and the correct administration of a remedy, you have to “listen to yourself”. What new experiences are there, what is changing, how are your symptoms altering? This information is essential for your meeting with the practitioner in a follow-up consultation and may assist in adjusting the prescription if necessary, or is evidence of the matching remedy in action.


1st Consultation: 130 Euros (60 – 90 min)

Follow up Consultation: 90 Euros (up to 60 min)

Acute: 55 Euros (20 – 30 min)

Acute: 35 Euros (for existing patients)

Children (up to 14 years) 1st Consultation: 90 Euros

Children Follow up Consultation: 60 Euros