Homeopathy is a reliable ally for active individuals & sports persons

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If you lead an active life, are health conscious and adamant to keep your body holistically fit and healthy. Then you must know about Homeopathy!

In the sphere of professional sports, it is the schedule of cups, tournaments, and championships that dictates the time available for an athlete to recover from injury.

The constant demand by coach, team, and management of clubs and federations, of athletes to peak  in their performance at every match or competition, requests precise monitoring and maintenance of the athletes state of health.

The industry, that professional sports undoubtedly has become, considering the vast amounts of money that are paid for player transfers and wages, leaves little to chance, and health care has become a sophisticated procedure matched to a players individual needs and requirements.

As a consequence, where sportive performance has become a monetary factor, it has become hardly acceptable to restrict the maintenance of an athletes physical and emotional health to the domain of one sole treatment strategy. As such the medical teams surrounding the peak performers in sports today, have long sought ways to gently, harmlessly, yet none-the-less successfully, monitor and treat athletes in terms of prevention, performance and recuperation.

Increasingly therefore, therapeutic advances have been sought from Homeopathy, which as a therapeutic approach without side effects and lacking the doping restrictions that bind conventional treatment, offers means to assist the health care of highly trained individuals.

Yet, Homeopathy is not only a therapeutic approach for the professional athlete, it is an effective treatment for all persons living active lives. Homeopathy can treat all those injuries and aliments coming from acute trauma or repetitive stress associated with exertion or sportive activities.

Homeopathy is for the weekend athlete, the kids out at play, the avid grandmother/grandfather doing gardening and of course the pro…there are remedies for the discomforts & injuries resulting from physical action and activity.

Have a look at the research & practical experience…

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For both of my theses, for the BSc and MSc, I explored, investigated and researched the potential of homeopathic remedies for the treatment of sports-injuries. I came to the conclusion that homeopathy is a fantastic tool for the maintenance of health, the treatment of, and the recuperation from injury for the physically active individual!

Homeopathy is a gentle, non-invasive treatment that is agreeable with the patient in his weakened, ill state, and it treats the patient taking into consideration his or her holistic nature.

Homeopathy is effective for bringing about healing where the physique has been weakened and injured, it can assistance in strengthening emotional resilience, and can aid in building peak performance.

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