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Remedies for exposure to forest fires

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Remedies for acute effects from shock and fear in times of war, danger or terror!

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* “A Critical Analysis of Organopathy in Diagnosis and Practice”

* “The Homeopathic Treatment of Sports-Injuries”

* “Boosting fitness and avoiding injury” – Homeopathy in Practice, Summer 2012

* “Science, Evidence-based Medicine and CAM…´s controversial!”  guest post at:

* “The homeopathic therapeutic relationship – a patient-centred union”  guest post at:

* “The Hahnemannian Art of Taking a Case”

* “The Hahnemannian Art of Prescribing”

* “The Homeopathic treatment of sports injuries: A mixed systematic review exploring effectiveness”. Uta Mittelstadt, Rehana B. Issat, Jean E. Duckworth. Journal of Case Studies in Homeopathy 2013; 1(3): 9 – 5

Available at: Researchgate

* “Homöopathie – Geboren aus der Not der Zeit” ESA – Januar 2018, pp.44-45.

* “Homeopathy – a treatment that promotes self-healing”The Portugal Resident – 18th January 2018, p.40.

* “How Nitro-glycerine became a medicine for Angina Pectoris”The Portugal Resident – 15th February 2018, p.41.

* “Homöopathie – Wenn Herzschmerz nicht vom Herzen kommt”ESA – März 2018, p.44.

* “Got a cold? There’s homeopathy for that!”The Portugal Resident – 15th March 2018, p.48.

* “Homeopathy for sports and exercise injuries”The Portugal Resident – 19th April 2018, p.40.

* “Homöopathie – Helfen Kügelchen bei Golfer- oder Tennis-Ellenbogen?”ESA – Mai 2018, p.50.

* “Stressed out by the weather?”The Portugal Resident – May 2018

* “Okoubaka -a must have travel companion”The Portugal Resident – June 2018

* “Homöopathie – Eine kleine Reiseapotheke”ESA – Juli 2018, p.50.

* “Flight fright, travel sickness, jet lag…and homeopathy to the rescue” – The Portugal Resident – July 2018

* “Beware of the summer sun!”The Portugal Resident – August 2018

* “Homöopathie – Schüßler-Salze für eine gute Abwehr”ESA – September 2018, p.52.

* “Water to strengthen the body and ward off sickness?” – The Portugal Resident – September 2018

* “Bach flowers and the Rescue Remedy” – The Portugal Resident – October 2018

* “Was ist Arthritis und was kann Homöopathie dabei ausrichten?”ESA – November 2018, p.52.

* “Homeopathic relief for varicose veins” – The Portugal Resident – November 2018

* “Frankincense – holy and medicinal” – The Portugal Resident – December 2018

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Clever Homeopathy – A blog offering insights into homeopathy – ‘A minimal dose with a big effect!’

Clever H. – the Mag! – An online journal ‘BY HOMEOPATHS, FOR HOMEOPATHS, WITH THE PATIENT IN MIND!’

Homeopathy World Community – Creating waves of awareness, pioneering creative ideas in Homeopathy

I propagate an integrative approach to sick care where conventional and alternative therapies complement each other, and the patient may receive as much alternative, gentle care as is possible, and as much conventional aid as is necessary.

— Uta @ CareClin