The Healthy Coffee-break Ep.2

Water alone, as a curative element for the diseases of mankind? Such statement may arouse some skepticism! Ok, we drink to hydrate our bodies, we wash for hygienic purposes, and we swim because exercise is good for us. Yet, albeit essential, and paired with positive effect to our health, these uses of water are notContinue reading “The Healthy Coffee-break Ep.2”

The Healthy Coffee-break Ep.1

Nitro-glycerine as a Medicine First aid treatment, and the most common prescriptions in Angina Pectoris, are drugs containing nitroglycerine. Nitroglycerin dilates the arteries and as such permits an increased  volume of blood to flow through the vessels. Nitro-glycerine is a conventional drug and a homeopathic remedy.

‘The Healthy Coffee-break!

The Healthy Coffee-break is the place where, within the length of a coffee-break, we share gentle and holistic health tips that are easy to follow up and do at home. We share news and information that is interesting and good to know; and we discuss matters of health & wellness, and holistic & homeopathic healthContinue reading “‘The Healthy Coffee-break!”