‘CareClin’ – Gentle Help

…for all the Family!

CareClin – is Gentle Help for your health complaints !

Homeopathy is a gentle holistic health care system suited for all the family!

I have studied Homeopathic Medicine at University, and have a BSc & MSc from the University of Central Lancashire, UK. I grew up in a family using homeopathy for over 30 years.

Acute Treatment
General/Chronic Treatment

An acute treatment is one that is aimed at relieving of symptoms of a complaint that has appeared only recently, requires only short-term treatment and commonly persists for only a very short period of time, at most a few days, before resolving naturally. This is can be a treatment for the appearance of symptoms of a sudden cough, ear-ache or common cold; a sudden strain injury, subtle exertion trauma, sunburn, food poisoning and others.

A chronic complaint is one defined as a condition that is ongoing and has been lasting for an extended period of time. It is one that will not generally resolve without treatment and will require continued medical attention. Furthermore, this type of complaint is limiting and impacts the sufferers life markedly. The definition of duration of a complaint that is considered to be chronic, differs. Examples are arthritis, menopause, diabetes, psoriasis, hay-fever etc.

Homeopathy for…

**If you lead an active life, are health conscious and adamant to keep your body holistically fit and healthy. Then you must know about Homeopathy!!**

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About Me

My name is Uta Mittelstadt.

I am passionate about homeopathy, and about assisting others at their journey to recovery. I was raised with homeopathy and have studied and used it for many years. I have a BSc and an MSc in homeopathic medicine from the University of Central Lancashire/UK.

I know that Homeopathy can positively influence and resolve diseases and disorders, and I have been educated to help others to achieve this resolution. In my point of view a patient should receive as much complementary, gentle care as is possible, and as much conventional aid as is necessary.

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